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Relations with citizens and business

e-NOTUM – electronic notification

e-FACT -electronic invoice

e-TRAM – online procedures

Representa – representation manager

El Meu Espai - integrated and inter-administrative vision

FUE Local – for the processing of business activities

Digital identity and electronic signature

VÀLid – integrator of digital identity services in Catalonia

Portasignatures – document signing process management

T-CAT – digital certificates for administrations

Entitats de Registre T-CAT – certification services by administrations

Entitats de Registre idCAT – idCAT registration entities

Signador centralitzat – of centralized administrative actions

Validador – validator of certificates and electronic signatures

Signador – electronic signature tool for web environments

Segell de temps – reliable and safe time stamp

Open Government and Good Government

Govern obert – Headquarters, Transparency and open data

e-TAULER – electronic bulletin board

Alert channel - secure, confidential and anonymous channel

Decidim Catalunya - democratic and quality participation

Support for digital transformation

e-SET – the working method to digitize internal management

Formació – training activities of the AOC services

50 legal shadows – Digital administration guide


PSCP – Public Procurement Services platform

e-LICITA – electronic tenders

e-SUBHASTA –electronic auction

Registre públic de contractes – contract registration

Relationship between administrations

e-VALISA – electronic suitcase

Via Oberta – data exchange between administrations

EACAT Tràmits– inter-administrative processing

Home communication - communication of residence data

SIR 2.0 – Records interconnection system

Social services

HÈSTIA – management of social services

Document management

DESA’L – file / document repository in progress

iARXIU – preservation and electronic archiving


ERES – check-in and check-out

CÒPIA – authentic copies

Registre unificat (MUX) – integrated registration of AOC services

Catalan Cybersecurity Agency